The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates has many benefits so if you have been attending other fitness classes and you want to try something different or you have a bad back and want to continue working out, but are looking for an exercise that isn’t going to aggravate your back – this is why a Pilates class might be the answer you have been looking for.

  1. A strong core – Pilates can improve your core stability by controlling the smaller muscles in your lower back and lower abdominal regions. Careful training through Pilates classes can give you better control of the small spinal joints and better control of the hip and pelvis areas – this improves your pelvic stability leading to a lowering of back pain and stronger pelvic floor muscles.
  2. Posture – Pilates classes not only give you an overall feeling of well being but they can also improve your posture. Pilates classes are often recommended to help improve muscle imbalance and posture
  3. Relax – Pilates has the effect of inducing a relaxed state by slowing down movement to help improve core stability. If you attend a well taught Pilates class with no more than 5-6 people in a relaxed atmosphere with a slow tempo it adds to the feeling of relaxation during the class.
  4. Increase your athletic performance – Pilates classes can help reduce your chances of injury and will speed up recovery if you have been injured.
  5. Improve your concentration – Pilates classes are  controlled, slow,  and precise so you need to concentrate a lot during a class, in an almost meditative state you will not only excel in your classes it helps with all aspects of your daily living.
  6. Better coordination – Pilate’s classes will increase your awareness of your body – this could be in your legs, shoulders or neck – these are used to improve your body’s awareness allowing for better coordination. Pilates should be slow and repetitive this helps you integrate what you learn into your day to day life.
  7. Better breathing – Thanks to the type of breathing Pilates uses you may find you have better control after doing Pilates classes on a regular basis. Pilates moves are sequenced which allows for better breathing and integration of body movements – leading to better control and more awareness of your breathing.
  8. Improved alignment – If you have had spinal surgery it has been recommended that people try a short course of Pilates based exercises, this gives them a chance to regain some control over the muscles in their back. If you have one shoulder higher than the other or a leg longer than the other Pilates classes are also recommended.

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